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This is a Private group for Helicycle Builders & Pilots to discuss the construction, tips, tricks & safety, along with any relevant topics concerning the Helicycle kit.
As you post, Please sign with your Name, Group-Build #, maybe even your Helicycle flight hrs.

It will help everyone to know you, instead of a non-descriptive email address. 

Please be respectful of others opinions and to our topics!

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Thank You!
Fly Safe

Joe Loxterkamp
2-20, 433 hrs

Messages, files, photos, poll’s and databases.
Up to 12-2019 were imported from our various yahoo groups,

when Yahoo restricted uploads on 10-28-2019 & shut down 12-14-2019.

Communications has moved to this group: Builders@Helicycle.groups.io
1-18-2020 Joe 2-20

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